2024 Season Premier MGA Dogfight Wrap Up
The decision to go ahead and have the MGA Season Premier this Saturday turned out to be the correct thing to do. We did not get the 1 to 3 inches of rain that was forecast for Friday and the course was in good condition for golf.
The MGA provided a breakfast buffet and a hotdog lunch for all the golfers and the Alpine staff. The girls in the grille did a wonderful job.
We had 12 (4 man teams) teams to compete. The golfers were divided into four divisions depending on their handicap and then the names were drawn randomly to determine the teams. There was also a Yellow Ball competition within the dogfight.
Immediately after the results were in, we took the five golfers that were most over their dogfight points in the tournament and had a shootout. There was a tie for 5th so we had six golfers in the shootout.
DOGFIGHT RESULTS: We had a tie for 1st place at +11 points between the teams of (Ray Ferguson, Cory Baird, Jimbo Williams & Mathu Travis) and ( Harry Gaither, Jim Gorman, John Harris & Chris Palmer). These two teams split 1st & 2nd place money. 3rd place went to the team of Moses Ngirailab, Mike Sweatman, Andy Payant & Steven Powell. Their team finished at +9 above their point quota.
YELLOW BALL RESULTS: Yellow Ball winning teams were 1st place (Gaither, Gorman, Harris & Palmer) 2nd place (Jeff Bullen, Jimmy Ray, Craig Herrod & Jamie Kimberly) and 3rd place was (Ngirailab, Sweatman, Payant & Powell).
The shootout was between (Moses Ngirailab, Mike Sweatman, Doug MacMurdo, JImbo Williams, Harry Gaither and Skeet Harper). The shootout takes place exclusively on hole #18 so that the gallery on the porch can watch and cheer. Skeet and Moses were eliminated in the 1st round. Doug was out on the 2nd round and Sweaty was eliminated in the 3rd round. Jimbo and Harry had to play two additional rounds before Harry was able to take the overall shootout championship. Harry received $300 for 1st and Jimbo received the $200 2nd prize.
The entry fees totaled $940.00. Our payback total was $1820.00. That is a 193% payback. Thanks to the MGA, we are able to have these tournaments at the beginning and at the end of the year as well as provide financial relief and assistance to some local charities or families.
If you are a member of Alpine Bay, we would like for you to join our MGA (Men’s Golf Association) and take part in our tournaments and dogfights. The cost to join is $25 annually.


We had 48 members to play in our year end MGA dogfight. The weather cooperated and we had a really nice December day to play.

The MGA provided a breakfast buffet before the MGA meeting and dogfight. The meeting brought about a couple of proposed rule changes and two new persons on the tournament committee. Max Whitfield and Bobby Denty were the members added.

The winners in the dogfight were as follows. 1st place went to Tony Evans. Tony was 6 points above his quota. 2nd place went to Moses Ngirailab at +5. There was a tie for 3rd place all at +4. They were Jimmy Brasher, David Mills, Steven Powell and Eric Smith. Cory Baird and Jim Gorman finished at +3 each to get in the pay back. Finishing out the pay back was Ray Ferguson, Terry Pruet, Brian Galloway, Harry Gaither and Jim Brown all finishing +2 above their quota.

We had a closest to the pin on all four par 3s. Andy Payant was closest on #4 (1’6”), Moses on #8 (8ft), Jeff Ingram on #14 (5”8”) and Terry Brown on #17 (1” 7”).

The top six dogfight finishers advanced to the $1000.00 ($500 cash/$500 Charity) shoot out that took place exclusively on hole #18. Two were eliminated during the 1st two rounds and it came down to Moses and Steven Powell. Moses outlasted Steven after a couple of rounds to take the 1st place prize in the shoot out.

This dogfight and shootout paid out a total of $1960.00. That is a very impressive pay back for a $20 entry fee. The only way we can continue this is through each of you participating in our regular dogfights whenever you have an opportunity. Two dollars from each dogfight participant goes to the MGA. This amount along with the $25.00 annual dues is how we hold these events as well as make contributions to local charities.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and thanks to all the 48 members that participated. A special thanks to the staff here at Alpine for their effort to assure that this event was enjoyed by all that participated.

Randy Burnham is the 2023 (Members Only, Autumn Match play) champion

We wrapped up our Autumn match play on Dec 9. Randy Burnham defeated Jimmy Ray 1&0 to go through the double elimination format undefeated. Congratulations to Randy. Randy’s win was rewarded with the $400 cash/$400 club credit 1st place prize. Jimmy Ray played his way through the loser’s bracket to win the $240/$240 2nd place prize. Jimmy eliminated Rodney Guy and Rodney won the $160/$160 3rd place prize.

We will begin another (2024 Winter/Spring) match play sign up in early January 2024.

We had 36 golfers compete in our Black Friday Yellow Ball Dogfight. Nine Yellow Balls went out and only Seven made it back to the clubhouse. The weather was perfect and the course is in good shape considering the lack of rainfall in our area. If a team loses the Yellow Ball, they are eliminated from the Yellow Ball portion of the dogfight.

The winning team in the Yellow Ball portion was the team of Ken Roe, Eric Smith, Kevin Carpenter and Chuck Daugherty. They scored 28 points with the Yellow Ball and that was 5.5 points above their team quota of 22.5. 2nd Place went to Ray Ferguson, Jason Berry, Steven Powell and Button Johnson. They finished with 25 Yellow Ball point which was 3.75 above their quota.

The dogfight winners were the team of Mike Sweatman, Mike Griffin. Steve Dean and Jimmy Berning. They had a total of 96 dogfight points and that was 5 points above their quota of 91. 2nd place went to the team of Hippie Cleckler, Tony Parton, Ray Lineberry and Michele Whisman. They finished 1 point above their quota of 94.

R D McDonald won the closest to the pin on #4, Ray Lineberry and Cooper Dean were both 13’6” on #8. Tony Parton was closest on #14 and Ken Roe was closest on #17.

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to do it again soon.

2023 Renfroe Volunteer Fire Department Fund Raising Scramble Results

We had 32 teams to compete in the scramble. The weather was fantastic and it turned out to be a great day for golf. The 32 teams were divided up into four flights of eight teams in each flight. The flighting process took place after the score cards were turned in and their final scores were posted.

Winners in the 3rd flight were the teams of David Baughton and Steve Willingham in 2nd place and Allen Crawford /Don Carroll came in 1st place. Both teams posted a 77. Allen and Don made par on #18 to get the decision. In the 2nd flight we had three teams tied with a score of 73. Kane Estes/ Jackson Week were eliminated with a par on #17 and the team of Steve McClellen/ David Lane came in 2nd place with a birdie on #17. The 2nd flight winners were Stuart Rice/Glenn Heathcock. They won the call back with a par on #18. The 1st flight winners were 2nd place Josh Reeves/Justin O’Dell with a score of 70. They edged three other teams that shot 70 also but they won the call back. The call back had to go all the way back to hole #10 where they posted a birdie and the team of Brandon Fincher/Jan Parton posted a par. The 1st place prize went to the team of Hippie Cleckler/Moses Ngirailab. They posted a 69 to take the prize. The overall Champion was the team of Chance Haywood/Tyler Romine. They posted an impressive 59 to win the Championship flight. 2nd place went to the team of Josh Jones/Roxy Basalo with a score of 63. Jones/Basalo won a call against with Paul Woo/Mike Sweatman. The call back went all the way back to hole #13 where Jones/Basalo posted a birdie.

The Closest to the pin winners were as follows: #4 Don Carroll. Don hit the flag stick and had the ball dropped in he would have won the $20,000.00 hole in one prize furnished by Toyota of Sylacauga. Chris Robertson won on hole #8, Teri Daugherty won on hole #14 and Steve McClellen won on #17. Jeremy McCullars won the longest drive on hole #9.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the other teams that chose to compete in this very worthwhile event. Hopefully we will do it again next year.


2023 Ladies Club Champion

2023 Alpine Bay Golf          Club Champion                  (Chris Robertson)

2023 Club Championship Wrap Up

We have officially completed our (2023 Summer Season Tournament Series) with the Alpine Bay Golf, Club Championship.

We had an amazing 64 members to compete. The weather was beautiful on both days although it was pretty warm on up into the day, but that’s what you expect in August in Alabama.

The course was in great shape with lots of grass in the fairways.   That seemed to have limited some of the distance on most of the golfers shots. The greens were in good shape and rolling at a fair speed.

The MGA (Men’s Golf Association) furnished breakfast on Saturday morning and fresh donuts on Sunday morning. A catfish lunch was prepared by the food truck, Traffic Jam on Saturday.  PaPa John’s furnished pizza for all the golfers and workers on Sunday afternoon.

We had 10 members to move back to the Blue tees and compete for the ultimate prize of 2023 Club Champion. Congratulations to Chris Robertson for capturing the title. Chris shot a 73 on the final day to move ahead of the field. He had a two day total score of 153.   He finished two strokes ahead of Jeff Bullen.  Chris was awarded with the $1000.00 check and his name on the Club Champion trophy. In the net division of the Championship Flight Max Whitfield finished in 1st place with a net total 144. Cory Baird came in 2nd with a net 146

The 2023 Ladies Champion is Michele Whisman. Michele finished three strokes ahead of Patti Wilcox to take the title. Patti came in 1st place on the Net portion of play. We had seven ladies to compete for the title. We want to see that number grow before next year’s event,

Shane Harris was the winner in the 1st Flight. Shane shot a two day score of 159 to distance himself from the remaining 11 members that were in his flight. Eric Smith finished in 2nd place. On the Net score the 1st place title went to Steven Powell with a net total of 136 and 2nd place went to Andy Payant with a net 139.

There were 16 members in the Senior Division. Moe Bassett successfully reclaimed the title of Senior Division Champion. Moe fired a two day total of 144 to edge out Harry Gaither by one shot. On the net side, Tony Parton finished in 1st place with a net of 136 and 2nd place went to Ken Roe with a net score of 142.

In the Super Senior Division, Bobby Denty edged out Mike Sweatman on a call back to take the Super Senior title.  Both golfers finished with a two day total of 149. We had 19 members in the Super Senior division. Third place went to Tony Evans. On the net side, John Harris came in 1st place with a net score of 135. Doug Macmurdo finished in 2nd and Jim Gorman took 3rd. Doug netted a 143 and Jim also had a 143. Doug won the callback on #18 to take 2nd.

The proximity prizes for closest to the pin on all par 3s were as follows. Day 1 #4 went to Mike Gardner. #8 went to Moses Ngirailab, #14 Chuck Daugherty and #17 went to Jim Gorman. Day 2, #4 Mike Sweatman, #8 Max Whitfield, #14 R D McDonald and #17 went to Mike Sweatman.

Dirk Walker professional art gallery donated three magnificent paintings and Ace Hardware in Pell City donated a pellet grille.   They were given away during the awards ceremony. Shane Cleckler, Bill Cotney and Jimmy Ray each won a painting and Andy Payant won the pellet grill.

We had $3160.00 in the MGA bonus pot. Each member that had competed in a minimum of 24 dogfights this year was awarded a portion of the total. If you are one of the eligible members, it was added to your club credit at the course. We had 36 golfers in the club championship that qualified.

Once again, thanks to all the staff in the clubhouse and on the grounds crew for all that you do for  Alpine Bay. We are blessed to have a fantastic staff. Thanks to the volunteers that help out in any way that we ask. You all are very special to us and we really do appreciate each one of you.



Final Results from our 2023 Clear Creek Classic

We had a full field of 44 teams this year. The weather was typical late July weather. HOT on Saturday but we did get a few showers on Sunday and most of the golfers said it was a welcome relief from the heat.

The teams were Flighted after Saturday’s rounds and we wound up with five Flights. The Championship Flight was led by a score of 54. There were 11 teams in the Championship flight with the 54 pacing the field followed by 10 scores ranging from 58-60. The 1st flight had seven teams with scores of 61 or 62. The 2nd flight posted scores of 63 & 64 and there were nine teams on that flight. 3rd flight scores (10 teams) were ranging from 65 to 67and the remaining seven teams were in the 4th flight.

The 4th flight winners were the team of Lineberry, Dorsett and Payant with a two day total of 135. The 2nd place team of Lynn, Miller and Cook also posted a 135 but lost in the call back from hole #18.  These two teams also won the Calcutta. The Calcutta payback was based on Sunday’s rounds only. Lineberry’s team shot a 64 on Sunday and Lynn’s team posted a 67.

The 3rd flight winners were as follows. Hardin, Williams and McCullars finished in 1st place with a two day total of 127. 2nd place went to the team of Haithcock, Haithcock and Emmerson with a total of 129. The team of Smith, Hurst and Coughran finished in 3rd with a 130. Team Hardin and team Haithcock split 1st & 2nd in the Calcutta with a total of 62. There was a three way tie for 3rd with a total of 64.

The 2nd flight was won by the team of Galloway, Robertson & Vinios. They posted a two day total of 121. They also took 1st place in the Calcutta with a 58. 2nd place went to Fulmer, Fulmer & Sanford. They posted a two day score of 123. They also finished 2nd in the Calcutta with a 60. The team of Henson, Hardy & Smith finished 3rd in the tournament with a 124.

1st flight winners were Friday, McArthur & Head with a 120. Guy, Batson & Whitfield also posted a 120 but lost the call back to finish in 2nd. These two teams also tied for the Calcutta with scores of 59.

The Clear Creek Classic Champions are the team of Strange, Bradley and Cambre. They posted a two day total of 112. 2nd place went to the team of Williams, Kirk & Smith with a score of 117. 3rd place went to Simmons, McClung & Prentice with a 118. 4th place went to Whitfield, Hathorne & Isbell with a 119. Strange and Williams teams split the 1st place Calcutta money with a Sunday total of 58. 3rd place went to team Whitfield.

We had eight proximity winners. Closest to the pin winners on day 1 went to B G Simmons, Jeremy McCullars, Clay Coughran and Chris Robertson. Day 2 winners were Leslie Hurst, Carey Potter, Brian Galloway and Jon Reeder.

The Clear Creek Classic paid out over $37,000.00 in cash for this tournament. Thanks to all of the teams for participating and thanks to all of our hole sponsors for making this possible. Most of all thanks to the entire staff at Alpine Bay Golf and all of the people that volunteered you’re their time to help us out. The course was in great shape and the clubhouse staff was spot on for the entire weekend.

We had 10 teams to compete in our annual July 4 Yellow Ball Dogfight. Ten Yellow Balls went out  but only Eight returned to the clubhouse.
 The team of Cole Fincher, Jason Berry, Vaughn Wahl and Steve Sorrell finished in 1st place in the Yellow Ball event at +4.25. The team of Jeff Bullen, Jimbo Williams, Caeman Jernigan and David Gaston finished in 2nd place with a total of +3.5 and the team of Shane Cleckler, Eric Smith, Ray Lineberry and Jan Parton finished in 3rd place at +3.25.
 In the regular dogfight, the team of Shane Cleckler, Eric Smith, Ray Lineberry and Jan Parton at +17. Hippie Cleckler, Max Whitfield, Hondo Galloway and Paul Baker finished in 2nd at +8 and 3rd place went to Chris Robertson, Foo Dorsett, Jinks Marlowe and Missy Bullen at +7.
 Vaughn Wahl won closest to the pin on hole #4 and Jinks Marlowe won it on hole #17. Most over their points was a tie between Jamie Kimberly and Eric Smith. They were both +8. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the golfers that participated. We look forward to doing it again next year.

2023 Member/Guest Shootout Results

The top two teams in each flight had the privilege to participate in our MGA Shootout. The shootout format was the same Shamble format that was used on Day 2. The Championship Flight had to tee from the Back Tees, the 1st flight from the next set of tees and so on. The Championship Flight had no mulligans. The 1st flight got one mulligan. The 2nd flight got two mulligans on so on through the 4th flight.

The ten teams were Simmons/Mitchell and Bullen/Bullen from the Championship Flight. 1st Flight teams were Harris/Harris and Guy/Ganser. 2nd flight teams were Dean/Perkins and Haper/Savoie. 3rd flight teams were O’Brien/Woods & Wilcox/Williams and the 4th flight teams were Payant/Cory and Wahl/Brown.

Hole #18 was played in each round. Three teams were eliminated in the first two rounds. Two teams were eliminated in the 3rd round. In round one there were three bogies and the rest of the field made pars and the bogies were eliminated. In round two all seven remaining teams posted pars and we went to a chip off to eliminate three more teams. Three teams failed to hit the green and were eliminated. The four remaining teams were Wahl/Brown, Dean/Perkins, Guy/Ganser and Simmons/Mitchell. Guy/Ganser  and Dean/Perkins birdied in the next round to eliminate the other two teams.  Both teams pared in the next round to force another round. Dean Cooper ran in a six foot birdie putt to secure the shootout championship.

The weather was great for both days of our tournament. We did have some afternoon storms coming our way that caused us to speed up the play of our shootout but we did get it completed before the storms hit.

The Men’s Golf Association furnished breakfast both days and hotdogs following the final day of play. Lunch on Saturday was spaghetti from Carpenetti’s restaurant in Moody AL.

We had 54 teams to compete in this year’s event and after the first rounds were established the field was divided into five flights. Day one was a four ball format and day two was a Shamble format. The Championship flight consisted of eight teams that were separated by a total of four shots. Ken Roe and Johnny Brasher led the entire field with a 1st day score of 66.

When all of the scores were posted the results are as follows.

Championship Flight:  1st place, B G Simmons and Tony Mitchell posted a total of (131). 2nd place was a tie between the teams of Jeff Bullen/John Bullen and Matt Hardin/Tad Hurst with scores of (134). There were 13 teams in the 1st flight. The 13 teams were separated by only 3 shots ranging from 71 to 74. The 1st flight winners were John and Ches Harris with a score of (138). 2nd place went to Rodney Guy/Greg Ganser with a score of (139). There was a 3 way tie for 3rd between the teams of Bobby Denty/Jeff Ingram, Paul and Blake Woo and Wayne Crow/Nick Martin (140). There were also 13 teams in the 2nd flight all separated by only two shots. 1st place in the 2nd flight went to the team of Cooper Dean and Rusty Perkins with a two day total of (144). 2nd place went to Skeet Harper/Roy Savoie (147) and 3rd was a tied between Shane Cleckler/Caeman Jernigan and Terry Pruet/Charlie Hazel. The 3rd and 4th flights had ten teams in each flight. The 3rd flight was for opening round scores between 80 & 82. 1st place in the 3rd flight went to the team of Joe O’Brien/Thomas Woods with a total of  (152). Patti Wilcox/Courtney Williams finished 2nd with a (153) and the team of Tommy and Jay Griffin finished 3rd with a (155). The 4th flight winners were Andy Payant/Doug Corey with a (158) followed by Vaughn Wahl/Dylan Brown with a (160).

We also had two golfers to make aces on day 1. Jock Efferson had a hole in one on #14 and Ricky Lawson had an ace on #17.  The other proximity winners on day one were Nick Martin on #4 and Matt Hardin on #8. Day 2 winners were Ches Harris on #4, Jamie Kimberly on #8, B G Simmons on #14 and Paul Woo on #17.

Jan and I want to thank all of our staff and volunteers at Alpine Bay. The course was in great shape, the meals were spot on and the tournament was enjoyable for our competitors. It could not be done without the commitment and dedication that all of you provide. Thanks again to all of our sponsors. Please recognize and support our sponsors.