2023 Alpine Bay (Member/Member) Results
We had 30 teams to compete in our Member/Member event this year. The format was a two day handicapped scramble. We used the USGA method of handicapping our field. (For a two person scramble take 35 percent of the A player’s course handicap and 15 percent of the B player’s course handicap). Our Calcutta was paid out using Day 2’s net scores.
Saturday’s round was completed ahead of a heavy rain that dumped .5″ of rain on the course in a very short period of time. By the time we started Sunday’s round the course had dried out pretty well and the weather was beautiful.
We want to thank all of the teams for participating and

congratulations to the winners.
Here are the final results:
3rd Flight had six teams and paid 2 places. 1st place for the 2 day total went to the team of Brian Proctor and Don Carroll. 2nd went to Steven Powell and Jimmy Berning. These two teams also finished 1st & 2nd in the Calcutta. Jimmy Berning and Don Carroll won the two closest to the pin awards for the 3rd flight.
2nd Flight had nine teams and paid three places. The team of Abi Cerwich and Jinks Marlowe took 1st place in the tournament and 2nd place in the Calcutta. Jason Berry and Steve Sorrell won the Calcutta and finished in 2nd place in the tournament. There was a tie for 3rd between the teams of Andy Payant/Sam Cooper and Cooper Dean/Angie Stepp. Payant and Cooper finished in 3rd place in the Calcutta. 2nd Flight proximities went to Brandon Warlick and Jason Berry
1st Flight tournament winners were Paul Woo/John Harris. 2nd place went to Chuck Woodard/Tony Parton. 3rd went to Chris Robertson/Brian Galloway. Woodard/Parton won the Calcutta and Woo/Harris & Robertson/Galloway tied for 2nd. 3rd flight proximities went to Brian Galloway and Terry Pruet
The Championship Flight winners were Brandon Fincher/Shane Cleckler and runner up went to Myles Fincher/Max Whitfield. The team of Skeet Harper/Jimmy Ray took 1st place in the Calcutta and Fincher/Cleckler finished in 2nd. Proximities in the Championship flight went to Ray Ferguson and Myles Fincher.
A catfish dinner was provided to all contestants after Day 1 and PaPa John’s furnished pizza for the golfers at the conclusion of day 2’s rounds.
Our next tournament in the Summer Season series will be our Member/Guest. It will be held on Saturday & Sunday June 24 & 25.
We had 36 golfers in our Yellow Ball dogfight today. Nine teams went out with a Yellow Ball but only four returned. The team of Shane Cleckler, Brian Galloway, Chris Palmer,Mathew Whisman tied Chris Robertson, Cooper Dean, Angie Stepp, Bob Hopton-Jones for 1st place. 2nd went to Mike Sweatman, Paul Woo, Ray Lineberry & Jamie Kimberly.
The team of Mike Griffin, John Harris, Vaughn Wahl and Button Johnson won the dogfight but did not return with their Yellow Ball.
Thanks for participating and our next tournament of this kind will be our Fireball tournament on Monday, July 3.

Nick Vinios will be conducting golf clinics here at Alpine Bay. Nick will be teaching the swing techniques that are taught by Martin Ayers of Northbound Golf. The 1st clinic will be held on Tuesday June 6 at 10am

2023 MGA Season kickoff Dogfight Results
We had 46 members to play in our MGA season kickoff dogfight. The golfers were sorted and randomly drawn by a,b,c & d players according their dogfight points.
The MGA furnished breakfast and lunch for the players.
1st place was the team of Jeff Bullen, Ken Roe, Andy Payant and Allen Crawford. They came in at 9 points above their quota. 1st place paid $500.00 2nd place ($300) went to the team of Rodney Guy, Cooper Dean, Sam Willingham and Jack Sellers. They were +8 points. 3rd Place +6 ($200) went to Skeet Harper, John Harris, Sam Cooper & Brian Galloway. 4th place +5 ($100) went to Mike Griffin, Stan Elliott, Jinks Marlowe & Jamie Kimberly. 5th place at even ($80) went to Bobby Denty, Tony Parton, Dave Johnson & Matt Osborne.
Sam Cooper won the Most over for individual. Sam was +9 over his points ($50)
Closest to the pins ($50ea) went to Don Hopton Jones on #4, Mike Griffin on #8, Doc Bhatia on #14 and Harry Gaither on #17.
There were only four skins won and they paid $75ea, Jimmy Ray made the only birdie on #1, Shane Cleckler made the only birdie on #4, BG Simmons made the only birdie on #13 and Doc Bhatia made the only birdie on #14.
Thanks to all the members that played today and a special thanks to the clubhouse crew for providing a great breakfast and lunch. We will have our year end MGA dogfight in late November or early December.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera


We had a great turnout for our Member/Employee appreciation dinner. The facilities at Louie’s Grille were excellent. The food was great and the band (To The Max) played one great song after another for over two hours. Thanks to all the members that attended. We will do it again at a later date.

  We are excited to see the arrival of our new fleet of carts. We now have 45, new 2023 Yamaha 48v ac carts on hand.

While playing in our Thursday afternoon match on January 5, Rodney Guy scores the 1st hole in one for 2023. Rodney aced hole #4. Playing at 138yds, Rodney used a well struck 9 iron. Rodney’s shot was awarded with $590.00 from the Alpine Bay hole in one club.

The MGA made a Christmas donation to the Talladega Presbyterian Home for Children.

The Presbyterian Home for Children, a ministry of the Presbyterian Churches of Alabama, cares for teenage girls who have experienced abuse and/or neglect, and boys and girls of all ages and their female caregivers who find themselves homeless because of poverty, abuse, or abandonment. The Home is accredited by Social Current, the leading accrediting organization for social services in the U.S. and Canada; and EAGLE, the world’s only faith-based accrediting body for ministry to children.

 We feel that this is a very worthy cause and we hope that our donation can help make a difference in these children’s lives.

With the artic blast that we are expecting, we will be covering our putting greens on Thursday afternoon, Dec 22. We will accept no tee times later than 10am on Thursday. The greens will remain covered through Monday Dec 26. Weather permitting we will resume play on Tuesday morning Dec 27.

The Golf course and clubhouse will be closed Dec 23 thru Dec 26. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and try to stay warm.

A 50 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 56.
Thursday Night
A chance of rain before 1am, then a chance of rain and snow between 1am and 4am, then a slight chance of snow after 4am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 18. Chance of precipitation is 50%.
A 20 percent chance of snow. Mostly sunny and cold, with a high near 25.
Friday Night
Partly cloudy, with a low around 12.
Mostly sunny, with a high near 30.
2022 Season Ending MGA Dogfight
The 2022 season ending MGA dogfight was held this past Saturday. There was a MGA meeting prior to the dogfight where rules changes proposals were presented. A ballot will be prepared and all MGA members will have an opportunity to vote. If any rules are changed, the new rule will take effect during the first dogfight of 2023.
 Breakfast and lunch was furnished by the MGA and both were wonderful. Thanks to all the clubhouse staff that made this happen.
We had 46 members to participate in our season ending MGA dogfight on Saturday. The field was divided into three flights and they were selected by their current dogfight points.
Golfers with playing with 30 points or higher were in the Championship flight. Golfers playing with 24 points to 29 points were in the 1st flight and golfers playing with 23 points and lower were in the 2nd flight. We had 13 in the championship flight, 16 in the 1st flight and 17 in the 2nd flight. Each member paid a $20 dogfight entry fee and the MGA matched the pot for a total purse of $1840.00.
The 2nd flight was won by Tommy Vines. Tommy was +7 over his points. Jason Berry and Buddy Butterworth finished at +6 for a tie for 2nd and Sam Cooper finished +5 to finish in 3rd. Skins winners in the 2nd flight were Tommy Vines, Bob Hopton-Jones, Jack Sellers, Buddy Butterworth (2), Sam Cooper and Pramod Bhatia. Doc Bhatia also won the closest to the pin on #17. Pramod Bhatia won the 2nd flight CTP on #17.
The 1st flight winners were as follows. Hippie Cleckler and Ken Roe tied at +7. Tony Parton and Shane Cleckler came in at +5. The following golfers won skins. R D McDonald (2), Ken Roe (2), Hippie (2), Tony Evans, Jimmy Brasher and Foo Dorsett. Hippie also won the CTP for the 1st flight on hole #4.
First place in the Championship flight was a tie between Jeff Bullen and Rodney Guy. They were +7 over their points. There was also a tie for 2nd place between Joe Howard and Bobby Denty at +4. Skins winners in the Championship flight were Jeff Bullen (3), Joe Howard (2), Moses Ngirailab and Ray Ferguson. Ray also won the CTP on hole #8 at 9’1” and he also won the CTP on #14 at 1’ 2”.