Labor Day Yellow Ball Results

We had 32 players in our Yellow Ball Dogfight on Labor Day. Sixteen Yellow Balls left the clubhouse and only 12 returned. The team of Ken Roe and Morris Thomas took 1st place with a +6.5 points. There was a tie for 2nd place between the teams of Nate Whitfield and Jack Sellers and the team of Brandon Fincher and Don Hopton-Jones. both teams were +2 with the Yellow Ball.  Roe and Thomas also won the regular dogfight at +11. The team of Johnny Brasher and Tony Parton finished second at +10.

We were honored to have the PTSD heroes fundraiser event at Alpine Bay on Labor Day. They were set up on hole #4. Each golfer could pay $10 each to the fundraiser and if all four golfers hit their ball onto the green, they were awarded $250.00 each in clubhouse credit. The foursome of Steve Giddens, David Paulon, Johnny Brasher and Tony Parton were fortunate enough to win the $1000.00 prize.