Golf Week course raters, Robert Trent Jones Jr and Trent Jones visit and play at Alpine Bay Golf

Monday, Nov 8 was a special day at Alpine Bay Golf. Golf Week is paying tribute to Robert Trent Jones Sr. during the month of November. Alpine Bay was on the list with some very fine Trent Jones courses that the Golf Week course raters was scheduled to play. The other courses were Ross Bridge, Country Club of Birmingham (West Course), Turtle Point Golf and Yacht Club in Killen AL and Oxmoor Valley. All of these are courses designed by The Trent Jones family.
The person responsible for setting up this event was Mr. James R Hansen. Mr. Hansen is the author of the New York Times Bestselling book (First Man) The life of Neil A Armstrong. He also authored the bestselling book (A Difficult Par) The history of Robert Trent Jones Sr and the Making of Modern Golf. A special thanks to Mr. Hansen for making this happen.
There were 44 golfers here along with Robert Trent Jones Jr and his son Trent. The golfers were aware of the recent history of our course and at the end of the day we received so many accolades and handshakes of approval that it was very gratifying. The golfers were from as far away as Northern Ireland, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Pittsburg PA, Boston, Chicago, Hilton Head SC, Las Vegas NV, Tucson AZ. At least 10 golfers traveled over 1000 miles to be a part of this event.
This was the first time for either of the Jones to visit the course that Jones Sr. designed in the late 60s. As we went around the course they were constantly reminded of the course characteristics that are typical of a Jones Sr design. They went into detail as to why certain features of the course are set up the way that they are. It was such a treat for me to experience the trip around the course with them.
After the dinner, Robert Trent Jones Jr took the time to speak with us about course design and he also took questions from the course raters.
I want to thank all of our staff here at Alpine Bay for the extra time that each of them put in to make this a successful and memorable day. 

Myself and RTJ Jr on hole #12. Such a blessing to play Alpine Bay with Mr. Jones and Trent


Robert Trent Jones Jr addresses the group after dinner. He discussed and answered questions concerning course design.


I had the pleasure of playing with Kevin & Jan Vail, Robert Trent Jones Jr and Trent Jones