Join us in our MGA Dogfights

We would like to invite you to join us in our MGA dogfights. The dogfights are a fun game that allows golfers of all skill levels to compete on a fair basis. The dogfight is a formula that allows points for performance. 1pt for a bogie, 2 pts for a par, 3 pts for a birdie and 4 pts for an eagle. 18 holes of par would be 36pts. If a new golfer wants to join and states that he/she normally shoots a round of about 90. To establish a starting point for that person, we would subtract 72 ( which is par for this course) from the stated round of 90. That golfer would begin with 18pts.

As a new golfer you would be frozen at +/- three points for your first three rounds. Your points total would be adjusted after each round. A golfer that starts with 18pts and pulls 20 pts on the first round would then have to pull 19pts the next round.