2023 MGA Season kickoff Dogfight Results
We had 46 members to play in our MGA season kickoff dogfight. The golfers were sorted and randomly drawn by a,b,c & d players according their dogfight points.
The MGA furnished breakfast and lunch for the players.
1st place was the team of Jeff Bullen, Ken Roe, Andy Payant and Allen Crawford. They came in at 9 points above their quota. 1st place paid $500.00 2nd place ($300) went to the team of Rodney Guy, Cooper Dean, Sam Willingham and Jack Sellers. They were +8 points. 3rd Place +6 ($200) went to Skeet Harper, John Harris, Sam Cooper & Brian Galloway. 4th place +5 ($100) went to Mike Griffin, Stan Elliott, Jinks Marlowe & Jamie Kimberly. 5th place at even ($80) went to Bobby Denty, Tony Parton, Dave Johnson & Matt Osborne.
Sam Cooper won the Most over for individual. Sam was +9 over his points ($50)
Closest to the pins ($50ea) went to Don Hopton Jones on #4, Mike Griffin on #8, Doc Bhatia on #14 and Harry Gaither on #17.
There were only four skins won and they paid $75ea, Jimmy Ray made the only birdie on #1, Shane Cleckler made the only birdie on #4, BG Simmons made the only birdie on #13 and Doc Bhatia made the only birdie on #14.
Thanks to all the members that played today and a special thanks to the clubhouse crew for providing a great breakfast and lunch. We will have our year end MGA dogfight in late November or early December.