2022 Memorial Day Yellow Ball Results

Memorial Day Yellow Ball Results
We had 48 golfers to play in our Yellow Ball dogfight today. The 48 golfers were divided into 12 four golfer teams with each team having a a,b,c and d player. Twelve Yellow balls went out and 10 of them made it back to the clubhouse. A few of those 10 were in pretty bad shape.
The winning teams in the Yellow Ball portion of the dogfight were as follows: 1st place went to the team of Mike Sweatman, Brandon Fincher, Larry Hardwick and Brian Galloway. Their Yellow ball score was +5.4. 2nd place went to the team of Stan Elliott, Nate Whitfield, Buddy Butterworth and Steven Powell with a total of +.5. 3rd place went to the team of Jeff Bullen, Cole Fincher, Joe White and Jan Parton with a total of +.05.
The regular dogfight winning teams were as follows: 1st place tie between Sweatman, Fincher, Hardwick and Galloway and the team of Rodney Guy, Jeremy McCullars, Chris Robertson and Steve Willingham, both were +6 on points. The 3rd place team was Ray Ferguson, Matt Hardin, Randy Burnham and Missy Bullen. They were -1.4.
The closest to the pins were as follows #4, Shane Cleckler, #8 Austin Burnham, #14 Blake Woo and #17 Brandon Fincher.
Buddy Butterworth won the most over points award at +7. Missy Bullen, Jeremy McCullars and Tony Parton tied for 2nd at +6.
There were only three skins for the day and they went to Austin Burnham, Jeremy McCullars and Brandon Fincher.
Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to all the golfers for participating today. Our next Yellow ball event will be held on July 4.