2020 Black Friday Yellow Ball results

We had 40 golfers in our Yellow Ball Dogfight. We divided the golfers into 10, four golfer teams.   Ten Yellow balls went out and eight Yellow balls made it back to the clubhouse. The team of Jeff Bullen, Missy Bullen, Bud Culverhouse and Tommy Griffin won both the Dogfight and the Yellow ball tournament. They finished +10 on their dogfight points and they finished +5.25 above their Yellow Ball points for a cash prize of $400.00. 2nd place in the dogfight went to the team of Moses Ngirailab, Eric Smith, Buddy Butterworth and Jack Sellers. They finished +8 above their points and they also finished in 3rd place in the Yellow Ball event at + 2.5. They won a total of $200.00. 3rd place in the dogfight and 2nd place in the Yellow Ball went to the team of Mike Sweatman, Jan Sweatman, Patti Wilcox and Tony Parton. They were +5 in the dogfight and +3.5 in the Yellow Ball for a payout of $200.00.

There were four CTPs that paid $20.00ea and they were as follows: CTP #4 Patti Wilcox, #8 Jeff Bullen, #14 Rodney Guy and #17 Leslie Hurst. We had $200.00 in the skins pot and there were six skins. Ken Roe had 2, (holes 5 & 15) Moses had one, ( hole 2) Jeff Bullen had 2, (8 & 13) and Harry Gaither had 1 on #5. They paid $33.00 each. Most over on their individual points went to Ken Roe with +9 and 2nd place went to Jeff Bullen at +7.

Pell City High School Soccer Program Tournament Results

We had 27 two golfer teams to participate in the Pell City High School scramble golf tournament this past Friday afternoon, Nov 20.

The tournament was post flighted with three nine team flights.

1st place in the Championship flight was the team of Randy (Hippie) Cleckler and Don Hopton Jones. They posted a score of 63. There were three teams that shot 63 and the results were determined by a call back from hole #18. 2nd place went to the team of Mike Sweatman and Terry Pruet.

1st place in the 2nd flight went to Ricky Lawson and Randy Curlee. 2nd place went to Mike Smith and Terry Brown.

1st place in the 3rd flight was Sam Willingham and Kristen Johnson. 2nd place went to the team of Higgins and Purdy.

The Closest to the pins were as follows; #4 went to Ricky Lawson, #8 went to Jan Parton; #14 went to Joe Haney and #17 went to Brandon Fincher. The longest putt on #18 went to Max Whitfield.

A special thanks to all the golfers and sponsors and also the staff at Alpine Bay Golf that made this a successful fund raiser for the Pell City High School soccer program.

 We had 48 MGA members to participate in the (No Entry Fee) MGA’s autumn dogfight. Two man teams were randomly drawn and each golfer was playing with their dogfight points. The team of Tony Evans and Morris Thomas took 1st place. They were 15 points above their assigned points total. They each won $150.00. 2nd place went to the team of Harry Gaither and Craig Herrod. They were +9pts and they each got $125.00 ea. 3rd went to Ray Ferguson and Doug MacMurdo at +8 for $100.00 ea. 4th was Manny Gooden and Stan Newton at +7 for $75.00 ea. There was a tie for 5th pl between the teams of Rusty Howard & Joe Haney and Matt Osborne & Brandon Fincher. Each team was +6. All prizes were awarded in clubhouse credit. Congratulations to the winners. The MGA furnished a $25.00 cash prize on all four par 3’s and also furnished $200.00 to the skins pot. Ray Ferguson won two of the CTPs, Jerry Latham and Rusty Howard won one each. There were only three skins won and they were worth $66.00ea. Harry Gaither birdied #4 for a skin. Joe Howard birdied #7 and Matt Hardin had the only birdie on #15 to get a skin.
We held a silent auction for this tournament and it generated an additional $1185.00 in cash that was also paid out.
The top two individuals in the tournament were automatically included in a shootout that took place immediately after the tournament. Harry Gaither and Ray Ferguson were top two golfers that elected to participate in the side pot. They were both +7. Six golfers were drawn from the optional $20.00 side pot to complete the field. Shane Cleckler, Jason Berry, Jerry Latham, Matt Hardin, Randy Martin and Brandon Fincher were the lucky ones drawn to complete the shootout field.
Two golfers were eliminated in each of the first two rounds of the shootout. One golfer was eliminated in each additional round. Matt Hardin and Randy Martin survived to make it to the final round. Matt outlasted Randy to win the shootout. Matt won $250.00 cash and the MGA is donating $250.00 to the charity of Center of Hope on Matt’s behalf. Randy won $150.00 cash and the MGA is donating $150.00 to the charity of Special Olympics on Randy’s behalf.
The optional $20.00 side pot also included ten tickets in this week’s Moon Pot. Brandon Fincher’s name was also drawn for the Moon Pot. Brandon received $100.00 cash and the chance to draw for the Rook card. Brandon drew the Red 2 and the Moon Pot increased to over $1700.00 for next week’s drawing.
Thanks to the golfers for participating and our staff that made this another successful event for the members of Alpine Bay Golf.
Tony Parton